Over the last few years, we are hearing a lot about the detrimental effects of fashion on our environment. Thanks to the immense research and knowledge available today, consumers are choosing to make wiser, more thoughtful decisions to support sustainable clothing choices, and play their part in reducing waste and carbon emissions.

The most important part of responsible consumerism is to buy less, buy better and wear clothing for longer.

Designers are also more careful about the supply chains, sustainable raw material sources, and versatility and longevity of garments.

Its awesome because we get to cherish what we love for longer and be proud "outfit repeaters".

One way of increasing the wear-ability of a garment is to make it versatile- easy to layer, easy to mix and match, and not seasonal. We have chosen a few pieces below to show how easy it is to layer these pieces and wear with sandals or boots so you are comfy and stylish whatever be the weather!
Long slit jersey embroidered top   Aidan top-Long slit embroidered jersey top layered over full sleeve thermal     


Red summer maxi dress with embroidery and one side slit          Red maxi dress worn with a jacket


embroidered twill dress  

   We at ZOHA are proud of our designs and approach to ethical, thoughtful fashion. Its a long way to go but its a step in the right direction!!  


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