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About ZOHA


‘ZOHA means the morning light.

It also implies sensitivity and appreciation for the finer and deeper things in life.’ 


Born in a family where medicine was regarded as the most suitable career option, I slowly shifted from biology to fashion studies…After years of working in the fashion industry, it felt right to finally launch my own dream label...

Zoha is:

  • Love for Fashion & the joy of creating beautiful and unique designs.
  • Love and compassion for People- Being a part of this industry for over 10 years, you realize that along with the excitement and glamour of fashion world, there is an enormous pressure on factories to reduce costs that often leads to unfair trade practices. At Zoha, we choose to work with a small group of suppliers mostly in small setups that ensure fair pay to workers.
  • Love for Environment- We are all aware of the devastation caused by fast fashion. Overconsumption of cheap throwaway fashion has brought about a massive rise in textile waste dumped in landfill sites. The use of toxic chemicals used in garment production is not only hazardous to the environment but being carcinogenic it has a direct impact on our health.   At brand Zoha, we are focused on adopting safer options. The brand uses majority of natural fabrics in the collections and a lot of traditional weaving and dyeing techniques. We still have a long way to go but we are determined to make it happen.
  • Love for the rich Indian Heritage and appreciation of beautiful embroideries, prints and weaves from various parts of the country.

 The collection offers a beautiful mix of traditional techniques and modern functional styles to create timeless pieces. The flattering yet relaxed silhouettes, inspired by the free spirited bohemian look, offer style as well as comfort and are enhanced by use of embroideries and speciality fabrics.

The brand Zoha is my love and respect for the artisans who have helped preserve the traditional crafts over the years. It aims to assist the rural producers and artisans to support ethical and slow fashion.  The brand emphasizes the use of natural fabrics where possible and aspires to become an ethical, conscious brand, supporting fair trade and environmental-friendly productions.